So about this tapering


Under the two week countdown to my first official race – the Dam to Dam 5k (Des Moines, Iowa).

I actually ran most of the official course during my Saturday long run, which shows an attention to detail that I normally wouldn’t show. It did pay off as I came across a hill at the midway point that acts as a hairpin turn to bring the racers back to the finish line.

While I’m not nervous about finishing, I am nervous about performance. It is starting to heat up and the dew points have been making afternoon runs to turn into bad run days.

Adding a little bit to the anxiety is the official label of “Having Not Run an Official Time”. I’m trying to research things to expect and things to not expect. Like the race bibs. I didn’t even think about how I would attach those to my shirt. So now I’m investing in a race bib belt. Or buying Body Glide to prevent the disastrous chafing in the nether regions. It is summer after all – commonly referred to as Gold Bond Season – and want to prevent any of those situations before they become a waddle inducing moment.

Trying to be diligent about adding speed workout as it appears I’ve reached a pace plateau. I’m guessing this is simply the plateau of my natural (in)ability and current fitness. Running coaches might refer to this as the “base”. Now I’ll need to build off of that base to continue to improve.

Weekly Mileage




What about you and your training? Is there something that surprised you during your first official run? Something that you obsessed over that didn’t really mean much on race day?


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