Why I Run: See the Unseen

One of the benefits of running is seeing the unseen. We took an impromptu day trip to Minneapolis over the weekend to catch a baseball game.

I woke up early to get in a decent run I would be missing with the Des Moines Running Group.

Minneapolis Run

This was as close to a “zen run” as I’ve had of late. Too often running or training starts to become work to many. Repetition and repeat. But a morning  run in a new place is typically enough to provide some excitement to those training runs. While it’s kind of touristy – the novelty of seeing old mill plant remnants along the Mississippi makes the decision to run in new areas unique.

The brief route hugged a trail that crossed the Mississippi River and crossed back over with a brief stop on Nicollet Island.

We also rented bikes (again..touristy) to ride the same route later in the day, which was a pleasant ride.

Overall, it was the great summer stay-cation to clear the mind and refuel heading into the beginning of the Des Moines marathon training program starting.

What’s the Coolest thing you came across that made the run unique?


3 thoughts on “Why I Run: See the Unseen

  1. Is the map part of an app that you use? I have a few apps to use, just not sure which one I will like the best. I like that you were able to post your route here.

    • Hey Michelle – most of the time I use GarminConnect for run analysis and the map. Every once in a while I’ll use Strava Run. I’ve used them all – and will occasionally cycle through to mix things up or check on any new features that might sway me to app.

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